Paweł Pinker

Right. Changed it

Right. Changed it

OLMIS-6575: Changed service version in the changelog

OLMIS-6118: Fixed typos

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OLMIS-6575: Fixed Internal Server Error for /supervisoryNodes endpoint
OLMIS-6575: Fixed Internal Server Error for /supervisoryNodes endpoint
OLMIS-6575: Fixed Internal Server Error for /supervisoryNodes endpoint

Revert "OLMIS-6623: Released requisition-ui service 7.0.0-RC2"

This reverts commit 14e9e8f59f8c91877b4a4938bc46cbd0043bd4c9.

Revert "OLMIS-6623: Released fulfillment-ui service 6.0.4-RC2"

This reverts commit 880c24d209158ee254031014c58229099e6d8841.

Revert "OLMIS-6623: Released stockmanagement-ui service 2.0.4-RC2"

This reverts commit 097d5d7d5d578c89f7af6a31b0bf049bf4766229.

Revert "OLMIS-6623: Released cce-ui service 1.0.4-RC2"

This reverts commit 80d940cf26bcaabb694c68a12ab35a0d23a20ac9.

Revert "OLMIS-6623: Released report-ui service 5.2.1-RC2"

This reverts commit 4f802186856125e81c63bf35f10cf32fe650d562.

Revert "OLMIS-6623: Released referencedata-ui service 5.6.0-RC2"

This reverts commit 08bb29582d71f5cb7d986432c1b0a3c9dcf77b11.

Revert "OLMIS-6623: Released ui-layout service 5.1.4-RC2"

This reverts commit a519041a0280030d1a878ced38480acdb607aa11.

Revert "OLMIS-6623: Released auth-ui service 6.2.1-RC2"

This reverts commit bc73696c17e71375d4d75600081e2be1f9bf143a.

Revert "OLMIS-6623: Released reference-ui service 5.1.5-RC2"

This reverts commit 7a15eb0da7e98f9fb2cb5a3615f7c82c0508cf82.

OLMIS-6623: Updated versions to RC2 on uat and perftest

OLMIS-6623: Released reference-ui service 5.1.5-RC2

OLMIS-6623: Released requisition-ui service 7.0.0-RC2

OLMIS-6623: Released fulfillment-ui service 6.0.4-RC2

OLMIS-6623: Released stockmanagement-ui service 2.0.4-RC2

OLMIS-6623: Released report-ui service 5.2.1-RC2

OLMIS-6623: Released cce-ui service 1.0.4-RC2

OLMIS-6623: Released referencedata-ui service 5.6.0-RC2

OLMIS-6623: Released ui-layout service 5.1.4-RC2

OLMIS-6623: Released auth-ui service 6.2.1-RC2

OLMIS-6623: Released ui-components service 7.2.0-RC2

OLMIS-6623: Released dev-ui service 9.0.1-RC2