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State Review Owner Name Files Comments Age Due Reviewers
Closed FEOLMIS-4389 Krzysztof Pasiek OLMIS-7321 Make home page responsive 2 2 22 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4390 Krzysztof Pasiek OLMIS-7323 Make Physical Inventory list page responsive 8 4 22 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4391 Krzysztof Pasiek OLMIS-7319 Prepare the login screen to be responsive 2 2 22 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4394 Krzysztof Pasiek [OLMIS-7319] Added breakpoints variables based on bootstrap. 4 0 22 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4401 Krzysztof Pasiek OLMIS-7319 Hide overflow on very low resolutions in 'Forgot password' 2 0 22 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4402 Krzysztof Pasiek OLMIS-7321] Improved the home page screen to be responsive. 2 0 22 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4404 Krzysztof Pasiek OLMIS-7323 add standard breakpoints 5 0 22 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4411 Krzysztof Pasiek OLMIS-7318 Added the ability to unnecessary modules on mobile by... 17 9 22 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4428 Magdalena Toczek OLMIS-7303: Added values to TimeZoneId and Country column in... 6 0 21 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4437 hdsldv OLMIS-7369 Persist orderable groups and valid sources in state 6 0 21 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4434 Krzysztof Pasiek OLMIS-7314: Add file 6 0 21 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4427 hdsldv OLMIS-7354 Convert Requisitions to Order can convert requisitions... 7 0 21 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4440 Paweł Muchowski OLMIS-7314: Add Webpack and migrate Grunt build to Webpack 293 0 21 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4441 Magdalena Toczek OLMIS-7305: Added sending stockEvent object to... 43 1 21 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4443 Magdalena Toczek OLMIS-7306: Added detecting issue for consumption list and tests 7 0 20 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4445 Magdalena Toczek OLMIS-7306: Corrected value formatting for adjustment and issue 6 0 20 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4446 Paweł Muchowski OLMIS-7314: Fix tests after karma upgrade 357 0 20 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4456 hdsldv OLMIS-7387 Fix pagination for GET /api/validSources 1 0 20 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4455 Paweł Muchowski OLMIS-7322: Fix jsx files parsing 14 0 20 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4459 Magdalena Toczek OLMIS-7373: Added tests 7 0 20 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4460 hdsldv OLMIS-7389 Add logs to physical inventory process 2 2 20 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4463 Magdalena Toczek OLMIS-7393: Corrected displaying data format in consumption csv file 7 0 20 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4462 Paweł Muchowski OLMIS-7380: Add main layout component for mobile physical inventory 9 0 20 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4461 Paweł Muchowski OLMIS-7397: Revert changes made in tests 369 0 20 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4458 hdsldv OLMIS-7379 Add page to choose program to start physical inventory 18 27 20 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4466 hdsldv OLMIS-7384 Styling for mobile confirmation dialog 8 21 20 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4467 hdsldv OLMIS-7383 Add delete physical inventory draft for mobile 10 0 20 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4470 Krzysztof Pasiek OLMIS-7342 Make navigation bar responsive. 8 0 19 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4471 Magdalena Toczek OLMIS-7376: Requisitions in approval queue shows only for user with... 3 0 19 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4472 hdsldv OLMIS-7358 Add redux with example reducer 9 0 19 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4473 hdsldv OLMIS-7361 Add lots reducer 8 0 19 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4474 hdsldv OLMIS-7360 Add valid reasons reducer 6 0 19 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4475 Paweł Muchowski OLMIS-7381: Add missing changelog 36 0 19 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4476 Paweł Muchowski OLMIS-7318: Add possibility to display menu items only on mobile 6 0 19 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4477 Paweł Muchowski OLMIS-7315: Add manifest and service worker configuration for PWA 21 2 19 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4465 Krzysztof Pasiek OLMIS-7382 Add page for products addition [please for early review] 33 25 20 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4478 Paweł Muchowski OLMIS-7412: Make add buttons more consistent 11 1 19 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4479 Krzysztof Pasiek OLMIS-7414 Disable clik next button multiple times 4 0 19 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4480 hdsldv Revert "Released reference-ui version 5.2.1-RC1" 5 0 19 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4481 hdsldv OLMIS-7420 Fix internal application error during Unpacking the kit 2 0 19 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4482 Krzysztof Pasiek OLMIS-7417 Fix for importing user roles 6 0 19 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4483 hdsldv OLMIS-7420 Add + sign on Add product button in Kit Unpack List tab 1 0 19 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4484 Krzysztof Pasiek OLMIS-7421 The error modal "This action can't be completed while... 7 0 19 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4492 Krzysztof Pasiek OLMIS-7370 Added flag for active/inactive for stock card 28 2 18 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4493 Krzysztof Pasiek SELV3-371: Added endpoint to set flag to inactive 5 11 18 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4494 hdsldv OLMIS-7437 Add requirements.txt 1 2 18 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4499 Krzysztof Pasiek OLMIS-7430 Add logic to filter all inactive and active items on... 38 2 18 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4502 Krzysztof Pasiek OLMIS-6644: Remove reporting rate and timeliness table from Stock... 1 0 18 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4504 Krzysztof Pasiek OLMIS-7430 Add logic to filter all inactive and active items on... 12 0 18 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4505 hdsldv OLMIS-7442... 3 0 18 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4506 hdsldv OLMIS-6646 Update filter for Emergency vs Regular Order 1 0 18 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4509 Krzysztof Pasiek OLMIS-7430 Add logic to filter all inactive and active items on... 28 6 18 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4513 hdsldv OLMIS-7443 Fix unit tests 28 0 18 months
Closed FEOLMIS-4514 hdsldv OLMIS-7387 Fix pagination for filtered /api/validSources endpoint 11 0 18 months