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State Review Owner Name Files Comments Age Due Reviewers
Review FEOLMIS-3361 Adugna Worku OLMIS-4403: Fix rights under role edit form to appropriatly show... 3 15 20 months 20 months ago
Review FEOLMIS-3788 Josh Zamor OLMIS-5584, change toc depth to 2 2 11 13 months 13 months ago
Review FEOLMIS-4117 Chongsun Ahn OLMIS-6858 Reporting stack to data-pump strategy 26 9 36 days 34 days ago
Review FEOLMIS-4122 Paulina Buzderewicz COV-119: Added a script initiating env file for reporting 1 1 7 days 87 minutes ago
Review FEOLMIS-4127 Aleksandra Sołtys OLMIS-6868: Allowed approval of requisition to locally fulfilled... 5 0 5 minutes in 47 hours