OLMIS-6485 Added Last-Modified Header to the POST and PUT /orderables endpoints


FEOLMIS-3950 7

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    Author 1h 1m 1 I debugged it and I can confirm that. I removed that line...
    Reviewer - Complete 18m 1 Update Changelog file, please.
    Reviewer - Complete 27m 5 Let's not send another request just to verify the headers...
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    To check: whether Last-Modified Header is present in the POST and PUT /orderables responses. The header should contain the last modified date of orderable

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    Paulina Buzderewicz

    Update Changelog file, please.

    Update Changelog file, please.

    /src/.../web/OrderableControllerIntegrationTest.java Changed 5
    /src/main/.../web/OrderableController.java Changed 1

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