OLMIS-5415: Disabled edit of some fields for externally managed facilities


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    Author 15m 2 We want to make sure that both boolean true and String 't...
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    Reviewer - 0% reviewed 11m 1 Why do we map boolean to String?
    Reviewer - Complete 26m 3 and why this is not a new String()?
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    /src/cce-edit-inventory-item/cce-edit-inventory-item.routes.spec.js Changed
    /src/cce-inventory-item/facility-program-inventory-item-data-builder.spec.js Changed
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    /src/admin-facility-view/admin-facility-view.routes.js Changed
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    /src/admin-facility-view/facility-information.html Changed
    /src/admin-facility-view/facility-view.controller.js Changed
    /src/admin-facility-view/facility-view.controller.spec.js Changed
    /src/referencedata-facility/facility-data-builder.spec.js Changed
    /src/referencedata-facility/facility-repository.js Added
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    /src/referencedata-facility/facility-repository.spec.js Added
    /src/referencedata-facility/facility-resource.js Added 2
    /src/referencedata-facility/facility-resource.spec.js Added
    /src/referencedata-facility/facility.js Changed 4
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    /src/referencedata-facility/facility.spec.js Added
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    /CHANGELOG.md Changed
    /src/stock-program-util/current-user-home-facility.service.spec.js Changed

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