OLMIS-4980 Add report only flag to processing period


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    Author 11m 6 Done.
    Reviewer - 57% reviewed 3m 2 Would we make this class express state? In SMACSS-ish way...
    Reviewer - Complete 4m    
    Reviewer - Complete 14m 2 Thanks very much for the explanation! I didn't notice the...
    Reviewer - Complete 12m 2 I think that this field is used in getters for this class...
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    • Review adding extra data field to processing period model, so that report only property can be added to period.
    • Review import/export of extra data for save and read.
    • Review UI addition of checkbox and table column for report only.

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    /src/main/.../domain/ProcessingPeriod.java Changed
    /src/main/.../dto/ProcessingPeriodDto.java Changed 4
    /src/.../migration/20180709205313168__add_extradata_to_processing_periods.sql Added
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    /src/main/.../schemas/processingPeriod.json Changed
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    /CHANGELOG.md Changed
    /src/admin-processing-schedule-edit/messages_en.json Changed
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    /src/admin-processing-schedule-edit/processing-schedule-edit.html Changed 8
    /src/admin-processing-schedule-edit/processing-schedule.scss Changed
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    /CHANGELOG.md Changed

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