OLMIS-4935 Add Redis server and connector in requisition service


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    Author 26m 4 Using Spring's built-in Redis caching could be cool. Wort...
    Reviewer - Complete 22m 2 I am not sure if it is okay to use 1.5.14 version if othe...
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    Reviewer - 13% reviewed 3m 1 Or using caching with Redis as the backing store? https:/...
    Reviewer - Complete 7m 2 I'm curious what is the difference between this setup and...
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    This adds Redis server and connector in the requisition service. For background on Redis addition see https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/openlmis-dev/bLjwyvwUF10
    Treat it more like a PoC rather than actual addition and let me know if you can already see any problems with the approach.

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    /docker-compose.requisition.yml Changed
    /deployment/demo_env/docker-compose.yml Changed
    /deployment/perftest_env/docker-compose.yml Changed
    /deployment/test_env/docker-compose.yml Changed
    /deployment/uat2_env/docker-compose.yml Changed
    /deployment/uat_env/docker-compose.yml Changed
    /docker-compose.yml Changed
    /src/.../repository/ProcessedRequestsRedisRepositoryIntegrationTest.java Added
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    /src/.../impl/ProcessedRequestsRedisRepositoryImpl.java Added 2
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    /src/.../custom/ProcessedRequestsRedisRepository.java Added
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    /src/main/.../requisition/Application.java Changed 4
    /src/main/resources/application.properties Changed
    /build.gradle Changed 2
    /docker-compose.builder.yml Changed
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