OLMIS-4053: Group approve product methods into single class


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    Reviewer - 0% reviewed 17m 1 can you rename it to ApproveProductsAggregator or somethi...
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    All methods that are related with approved products should be placed in one class. Current approach is more OOP because we other part of the system does not know about the structure of approved products and they execute methods to retrieve necessary data.

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    /src/.../referencedata/ApproveProducts.java Deleted 2
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    /src/.../referencedata/ApproveProductsAggregator.java Added
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    /src/.../referencedata/ApprovedProductReferenceDataService.java Changed
    /src/main/.../service/RequisitionService.java Changed
    /src/.../referencedata/ApproveProductsAggregatorTest.java Added
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    /src/.../referencedata/ApproveProductsTest.java Deleted
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    /src/.../referencedata/ApprovedProductReferenceDataServiceTest.java Changed
    /src/.../service/RequisitionServiceTest.java Changed

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