OLMIS-4475: add new facility cce status and use in component when no cce, hide...


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    Author 12m 3 But we use this flag in controller too, we don't want to ...
    Reviewer - Complete 13m 4 Chongsun Ahn I'm resolving this comment as I believe the ...
    Reviewer - Complete 5m    
    Reviewer - 18% reviewed 7m 3 Does this solve the popover issue? If there is no CCE at ...
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    /src/facility-cce-status/facility-cce-status.constant.js Changed
    /src/facility-cce-status/facility-cce-status.constant.spec.js Changed
    /src/facility-cce-status/facility-cce-status.controller.js Changed 8
    /src/facility-cce-status/facility-cce-status.controller.spec.js Changed
    /src/facility-cce-status/facility-cce-status.html Changed
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    /src/facility-cce-status/facility-cce-status.scss Changed 2
    /src/facility-cce-status/messages_en.json Changed
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