OLMIS-4197 Add view alert history to CCE update functionality status


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    • Review new View History button, which goes to a PDF report.
    • Review CSS changes to make it under the "RTM Alerts" properly.
    • Review horizontal list CSS changes; lists don't seem to be text aligned to the right and the colon after messes up the new View History button.

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    /src/cce-inventory-item-status/messages_en.json Changed
    /src/cce-inventory-item-status/status-update-modal.controller.js Changed
    /src/cce-inventory-item-status/status-update-modal.controller.spec.js Changed
    /src/cce-inventory-item-status/status-update-modal.html Changed 1
    /src/cce-inventory-item-status/status.scss Changed
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    /src/common/horizontal-definition-list.scss Changed
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