paweł albecki <> in tz-equipment

OLMIS-4588: fix incorrect link in notification

Revert "Release 1.0.0 RC3"

This reverts commit 7fafccc4f8c2f28db160f7209df2651673e140cf.

Release 1.0.0 RC3

OLMIS-4580: do not throw exception when supervisory node not found

OLMIS-3778: fix service checks the rights of a wrong user

    • -0
    • +104
OLMIS-3758: more fluent

OLMIS-3758: refactor tests and data builders

OLMIS-3758: fix updating reason for not working

fix column names in demo data

    • -460
    • +460
Object instead of procedural utility class – example

    • -0
    • +39
    • -0
    • +36
DRY improvement in inventory item test

use builders in inventory item repository tests

more OOAD improvements

- final modifiers for invariants

- use only constructors in IT

- test for domain method

missing commit

add tests and fix NPE

    • -0
    • +58
Introduce Encapsulation to inventory item class

OLMIS-3403: add user info to inventory demo data

    • -0
    • +460
OLMIS-3403: include last modifier details in database and dto

    • -0
    • +61
    • -0
    • +58
OLMIS-3403: fix javadocs in test data builder

OLMIS-3403: remove redundant mock

OLMIS-3403: use data builder in IT

OLMIS-3403: introduce class for resource names

    • -0
    • +55
OLMIS-3403: remove redundant appliation property

OLMIS-3403: introduce reference dto for program in inventory item

OLMIS-3403: improve create facility in IT

OLMIS-3403: introduce reference dto for user in inventory item

OLMIS-3403: support id field in builder

OLMIS-3403: refactor how href is set

OLMIS-3403: remove assigning data

OLMIS-3403: fix uri