mateusz kwiatkowski <> in tz-equipment

changed version to new patch version SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-6734: changed version to new minor

OLMIS-6558: removed '-' from publicUrl property

OLMIS-6128: updated docker dev image to 5.2

Revert "Released CCE service version 1.0.2-RC2"

This reverts commit cc46902fd6c1befb249e1f4fe2712629cd0ea2df.

Released CCE service version 1.0.2-RC2

OLMIS-5387: disabled success slack notifications for dev branches

OLMIS-5387: enabled slack notifications for release branches

OLMIS-5387: disabled slack notifications for branches

OLMIS-5396: fixed problem with docker network

OLMIS-4295: updated checkstyle to new google style

fixed LICENCE header

fixed import order

fixed minor code style issues

added missing periods in javadocs

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OLMIS-5301: restricted erd generation step to master node

changed version back to SNAPSHOT

changed version back to SNAPSHOT

released cce 1.0.1-RC3

OLMIS-5161: fixed constraint validation for inventory item update

OLMIS-4800: removed '-' from COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME variable

OLMIS-4800: fixed service name in ci scripts

OLMIS-4800: pulled scripts from Jenkinsfile to separate files

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OLMIS-4969: lowered performance requirement for save cce alert

OLMIS-4969: lowered performance requirement of 2 enpoints

OLMIS-4969: lowered performance restriction for alerts by device even more

OLMIS-4969: lowered performance requirement for cce alert by device endpoint

OLMIS-4057: fixed sending equipment tracking id as number on update

OLMIS-4057: randomized equipment tracking id on inventory item update performance test

OLMIS-4969: lowered performance requirement for GET inventory items endpoint

OLMIS-4969: updated performance tests

OLMIS-4969: made performance requirements for CCE endpoints less strict

Bumped CCE service version to 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT

Released CCE service v1.0.0