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fix version of Notification

move link to new row

improve format

fix format

Update All Changes by Component section

Revert "Release 3.3.0 RC3"

This reverts commit 674206db0c26b99562698cfce34067ad7689d078.

Release 3.3.0 RC3

Revert "Release 3.3.0 RC2"

This reverts commit c31942da578ec11cc890eab5488692a0b43b18e8.

Release 3.3.0 RC2

Revert "Release 3.3 RC1"

This reverts commit ead2afaea1d524f28196ecb32daa56489b0889fe.

Release 3.3 RC1

Update index.rst

fix docs

OLMIS-3782: remove redundant env variable

Env variables are no longer used for enabling skipping

authorization step. Program settings should be used

update referencedata version to latest snapshot

update stock service to latest snapshot

update to work with new net-tools on Linux

OLMIS-2670: Added flyway database configuration to stockmanagement

improve start-local script

fix script for ubuntu with multiple network interfaces