paweł albecki <> in openlmis-ui-components

OLMIS-4515: fix jsdoc

OLMIS-3853: improve show toggle in styleguide

OLMIS-3853: add button toggle class and to style guide

OLMIS-3908: update changelog

OLMIS-3908: improvements in readme and scss

OLMIS-3908: Reduce vertical space in page header

OLMIS-3905: add changelog

OLMIS-3905: Add min-width to select dropdown

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OLMIS-3382: add yellow constant

randomly failing tests ignore

OLMIS-2732: remove close "x" button

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OLMIS-2833: clear message in directive

OLMIS-2833: pass message to method

OLMIS-2833: fix ng change

OLMIS-2833: add ng-change to datapicker

OLMIS-2833: add openlmis-invalid to input

OLMIS-2833: set undefined if value is falsy

OLMIS-2833: render date only if value exists

remove redundant comment

OLMIS-2833: fix watch for date value

OLMIS-2833: watch for value

OLMIS-2833: add required option to datepicker

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OLMIS-2567: minor improvement in cache tests

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OLMIS-2567: add unit tests for cache service

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OLMIS-1853: migrate to openlmis/dev-ui v3-SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-2218: fix validations for stock on hand and total consumed quantity after submit/authorize

OLMIS-2222: Requisition screen: when offline, I don't have a print requisition button

OLMIS-2203: fix unselect Adjusted consumption doesn't display error in UI

OLMIS-2103: add jsdoc