krzysiek pasiek <> in openlmis-ui-components

Bumped version to 7.2.7-SNAPSHOT

Released ui-components 7.2.6

Released ui-components version 7.2.6-RC2

Revert ui-components to SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-7421 The error modal "This action can't be completed while offline" is displaying in offline mode in view requisition screen

Released ui-components version 7.2.6-RC1

OLMIS-7316 Migration to bootstrap 4

OLMIS-7318 Add Bootstrap to project test

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OLMIS-7314 Migrate Grunt to Webpack

Fix unit tests

OLMIS-7314: Fix UI of the button 'add-rejection-reason-category'

OLMIS-7314: Add file

OLMIS-7314: Fix issues in scss files

Fix problems with @extend operator

OLMIS-7323 add standard breakpoints

[OLMIS-7319] Added breakpoints variables based on bootstrap.

OLMIS-7323 move media to be aplicable for page

OLMIS-7323 change padding and margin of pages for low resolutions