klaudia pałkowska <> in openlmis-stockmanagement

OLMIS-3490: Added more profilers for LotValidator and SourceDestinationGeoLevelAffinityValidator

OLMIS-3490: Fixed too long line

OLMIS-3490: Made Xlogger variable final

OLMIS-3490: Added missing profilers to find performance issues

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OLMIS-6722: Fixed slow page load on Physical Inventory page by adding indexes to the database

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Revert "Released stockmanagement 5.0.2-RC1"

This reverts commit 3d38361032b70a8dcb88539fb8726b19c406cbd4.

Released stockmanagement 5.0.2-RC1

Added mising params in performance test for GET /stockCardRangeSummaries

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OLMIS-6590: Updated test comment

OLMIS-6590: Added more descriptive comment

OLMIS-6590: Added comments to describe the quantities

OLMIS-6590: Fixed changelog entry

OLMIS-6590: Fixed recalculating existing calculated stock on hand for physical inventory

OLMIS-6582: Changed wiremock dependency configuration to fix printing Physical Inventory

Revert "Release stockmanagement service 5.0.0-RC1"

This reverts commit c60541c8ebc33a198f86a5835216c1c04a7b1eac.

Release stockmanagement service 5.0.0-RC1

OLMIS-6564: Changed wiremock dependency configuration to avoid issue with HTTP response compression.

Raised p90 for StockCardSummariesV2 to temporarily fix performance tests

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Bumped version to 4.1.1-SNAPSHOT

Release 4.1.0

OLMIS-4531: Added compressing to HTTP POST responses

OLMIS-6111: Increased p90 for Get Stock Card Range Summaries

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OLMIS-6111: Increased p90 for Get Stock Card Range Summaries

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OLMIS-6005: Updated changelog

OLMIS-6005: Moved searching for right to StockEventNotificationProcessor to avoid multiple identical requests to referencedata

OLMIS-6005: Removed calling notification service

OLMIS-6005: Moved searching for right to avoid many identical calls

Revert "OLMIS-6005: Temporarily removed stock event notifications"

This reverts commit d4ba90be2377aaf4aa7b74c0654d2f75f99fe348.

OLMIS-6005: Temporarily removed stock event notifications

Added missing quotation mark