yi deng <> in openlmis-stockmanagement-ui

OLMIS-2556 fix display issue after search

update tests of card summaries service

update Postgres image to include PostGIS

OLMIS-2563 input value should not be greater than max integer

OLMIS-2556 fix no lot message of searchable fields

OLMIS-2556 filtered line items by key words

OLMIS-2564 show stock card with 0 SOH

[feedback] change button title of confirm modal

OLMIS-2513 change product has no lots message

OLMIS-2513 determine no lot defined message in summaries page

OLMIS-2513 move determine no lot defined message method to orderable-lot-util

OLMIS-2513 use different message key to distinguish a product that has not lots, or the user chose no lot defined

[feedback] change message of the clear button popup

[feedback] change Quit to Leave

OLMIS-2430 just show confirm modal when added line items are existing

OLMIS-2430 the modal should only show up IF changes are actually made

configure transifex project name

remove i18n parameters and wait to create a transifex project

defined transifex project name

OLMIS-2363 disable print button when has no stock cards

OLMIS-2373 fix expression of getting product name conditionally

OLMIS-2373 stock card with dispensing unit

OLMIS-2132 print single stock card

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OLMIS-2135 print SOH summary

OLMIS-2373 update search function to support dispensing unit

OLMIS-2373 update product name filter unit test

OLMIS-2373 remove product name service

OLMIS-2373 extract a filter to get product name with dispensing unit

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OLMIS-2373 Add the dispensing unit value into the product field

[code review] optimize condition about calculating SOH