saleksandra <> in openlmis-stockmanagement-ui

OLMIS-7291: Fixed issue with missing data after changing page on the Issue/Receive/Adjustment screen

OLMIS-7292: Display components completely differently depending on width

Bumped version to 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT

Release 2.0.9

Revert "Released stockmanagement-ui version 2.0.9-RC3"

This reverts commit 35d0bee0ed4ad7a69ca2053f34b42e14ed835592.

Released stockmanagement-ui version 2.0.9-RC3

OLMIS-7259: Fixed issue with missing pagination in Stock on Hand table in offline mode

OLMIS-6813: Added missing CHANGELOG

OLMIS-6813: Displaying products with SoH equal 0 on the Adjustments screen

Released stockmanagement-ui 2.0.9-RC1

OLMIS-7228: Added an alert error when reasons, sources, or destinations were not found in local storage

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    • +3
OLMIS-7207: Refreshed offline events indicator after sync error

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    • +4
OLMIS-7221: Used STOCK_EVENTS and STOCK_EVENTS_SYNCHRONIZATION_ERRORS variables in stockEventCacheService methods

OLMIS-7221: Updated alert message for stock event sync errors

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    • +5
    • -2
    • +12
OLMIS-7221: Updated stock event cache service docs

OLMIS-7221: Corrected stockEventCacheService

OLMIS-7221: Saving events errors to stockEventsSynchronizationErrors in local storage, removing events before sending the request from local storage

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    • +84
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    • +214
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    • +19
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OLMIS-7205: Corrected documentation

OLMIS-7205: Synchronized offline events after logging and switching from offline to online

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    • +115
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    • +231
OLMIS-7220: Added missing CHANGELOG

OLMIS-7197: Removed unnecessary condition

OLMIS-7197: Added missing changelog

OLMIS-7197: Refreshing pending offline events indicator after saving a new stock event

OLMIS-7197: Added additional information about the author to stockEvents in local storage

OLMIS-7164: Disabled success notification after send issue/receive/adjustment in offline mode

OLMIS-7165: Cache stockCardSummaries

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    • +55
OLMIS-6953: Cached VVM status, caching draft extracted into a separated function

OLMIS-6953: Removed physical-inventory-draft-watcher, passed a flag to the saving-indicator instead of an object

OLMIS-6925: Added reload page after back to physical inventory list with changed network state

OLMIS-6927: Added changing the draft status before entering the Physical Inventory draft page