pfcui <> in openlmis-stockmanagement-ui

bump version back to 1.0.0-snapshot

fix bug in released version

bug of OLMIS-2513 add lot message to physical inventory draft page as well

[stock management] use flyway to init data

[performance] make http request page size 100

OLMIS-2544 remove front end validation when decreasing soh. let back end do that. because without holding all stock card line items, front end can not do it right.

[fix] in physical inventory draft page, if an orderable has already been added with 'no lot defined', then do not let 'no lot defined' show up in modal as an option

[feedback] in adjustment/issue/receive page, hide lot field when selected product has no lot and when lot field is displayed, do not auto select the first option

[feedback] make lot drop down list disappear if selected product has no lot and do not give lot drop down list default value

OLMIS-2508 add no lot defined as an option into drop down list

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[small bug] if soh is zero, user should not be able to issue it

[refactor] move logic of getting all lots of one orderable group into service

[refactor] move logic of finding one item by lot into common service

[refactor] introduce a common service to take care of orderable and lot identity

[bug] FIX bug of child state resolve twice

[bug] add bug description in code, wait for stack overflow or github issues to respond

[UI Feedback] show reason name and reason free text in single card page

remove tmp file

[bug] fix bug: input box, when it has error, make its color red, not half red half blue

[bug] fix bug: input box changed its behavior, now if a input box is empty, its value is "", not null. so we have to change our code accordingly

[bug] fix bug: when a stock card's soh is 0(zero), so it in draft page

[Code review] because added items can be product or product+lot, change text to "items"

[Code review] use a smaller data set to determine which item is the selected one in add product modal

[Code review] underscore filter.first is same as find

[Code review] no need to check if orderable is chosen in add products modal, form will prevent it from submitting

[UI Feedback] change header text in single card page

[UI Feedback] right align numbers in single card page

OLMIS-2362 do not display lot related information in add products modal when all line items have no lot

OLMIS-2362 do not display lot related information in draft page when all line items have no lot

OLMIS-2362 submit physical inventory with lot id