paweł albecki <> in openlmis-stockmanagement-ui

OLMIS-4578: fix physical-inventory.factory.spec.js

OLMIS-4202: add tests or class

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OLMIS-4202: introduce class

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OLMIS-4202: get rid of redundant conditionals

OLMIS-4202: move variabe

OLMIS-4202: refactor method

OLMIS-4202: fix duplicated items on physical inventory view

OLMIS-3907: rename method

OLMIS-3907: refactor factory to return object, make code clean

OLMIS-3907: bettr follow v7 architecture

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OLMIS-3907: fix method call

OLMIS-3907: rename factory

OLMIS-3907: fix typo

OLMIS-3907: refactor retrieve groups for existing orderable, more tests

OLMIS-3907: refactor service to v7 repository

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OLMIS-3907: imrovements in physical inventory code

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OLMIS-3907: imporove indent

OLMIS-3907: add tests to refactored code

OLMIS-3907: refactor stock products and redesign products on PI view

Limit the allowed Orderables that Stock Management may use (physical

inventory) to those in FTAP.

Also include in the allowed Orderables those that are in the


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OLMIS-3907: add tests for orderable group service

OLMIS-3907: refactor factory to be meaningful

OLMIS-3907: change constants to factory

fix typo

OLMIS-3907: fix function is not defined

OLMIS-3907: refactor display items in adjustments

OLMIS-3907: remove redundant page size

OLMIS-3907: remove duplications from routes

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OLMIS-3907: fix code smell

OLMIS-3907: remove redundant parameter

OLMIS-3907: fix lot retrieve and use only orderables with existing cards