paulina buzderewicz <> in openlmis-stockmanagement-ui

OLMIS-7181: Made Stock Card Summaries cache user-specific

OLMIS-7198: Added the possibility to redirect to Pending Operations screen from pending offline events link

OLMIS-7204: Made Stock on Hand screen available offline

OLMIS-7173: Added offline alerts on Issue/Receive/Adjustments screens

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OLMIS-7173: Updated changelog

OLMIS-7173: Added offline notifications and alert

OLMIS-7176: Use lotService instead of LotResource to fetch lots

OLMIS-7165: Fixed issue with login when user has no home facility

OLMIS-7165: Added tests for checking user permission when getting stock cards on login

OLMIS-7165: Remove Stock Card Summary records from local database on login

OLMIS-7165: Use ReasonDataBuilder in test

OLMIS-7165: Added changelog

OLMIS-7165: Added tests for getting stock card summaries on login

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OLMIS-7165: Fixed broken tests for stock card summaries

OLMIS-7165: Added tests for sourceDestinatioNService

OLMIS-7165: Added tests for caching valid reasons, sources and destinations on login

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OLMIS-7165: Reverted getReasons function to the previous form

OLMIS-7165: Cache valid sources, destinations and reasons on login

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Bumped version to 2.0.9-SNAPSHOT

Release 2.0.8

OLMIS-6984: Fixed saving Physical Inventory to local storage in online mode

OLMIS-6953: Improved performance of adding products to a Physical Inventory

OLMIS-6898: Fixed issues with vvmStatus

OLMIS-6898: Fixed issue with adding products and saving the draft

OLMIS-6898: Fixed issue with dissappearing vvmStatus

OLMIS-6898: Fixed issue with disappeared reasons after switching back to online

OLMIS-6920: Fixed issue with opening Physical Inventory with trade item products

OLMIS-6897: Added the ability to cache physical inventory drafts and valid reasons in local storage

OLMIS-5406 Fixed console error

OLMIS-5406 Replaced calling loadingModalService with FunctionDecorator and adjusted tests