nick reid <> in openlmis-stockmanagement-ui

OLMIS-3876: Separate search criteria from filters

OLMIS-3108: Update for latest transifex configuration

OLMIS-2956: Update to use auth-ui v6.0.0-SNAPSHOT

Remove unrecommended testing method

OLMIS-3042: Test to make stock-reasons an input-control

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OLMIS-3042: Unaccounted error message now has quantity

OLMIS-3042: Responded to review

OLMIS-3042: Updated stock reasons to use input-control and be more DRY

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OLMIS-2797: Fixing assignment error message

OLMIS-2797: Removed popover and added openlmis-invalid

Moved stock management error handling inline with OpenLMIS

OLMIS-2797: Added openlmis-form-submit event

OLMIS-2797: Removed CSS that was overly general and repetative

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OLMIS-2797: Removed specificity of CSS to use from core

OLMIS-2809: Cleared out specific CSS to use default

OLMIS-2797: Added openlmis-invalid to table markup

Added .env file

OLMIS-1025: Added UI-dependencies

OLMIS-2070: Removed app.js

Added tooling to build with docker-compose

Added instructions to view the OpenLMIS-UI

OLMIS-2001: Added example module

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Set version properties correctly

Initial Commit