klaudia pałkowska <> in openlmis-stockmanagement-ui

Revert "Released stockmanagement-ui version 2.0.9-RC2"

This reverts commit dd9d20022069ecf67d02047ed95f49610ae72f7a.

Released stockmanagement-ui version 2.0.9-RC2

OLMIS-7259: Added/refactored some tests

Revert "Released stockmanagement-ui 2.0.9-RC1"

This reverts commit 5c9352491bc2218b8965173be18443466e5d0336.

OLMIS-7220: Added call to facilityProgramCacheService in the routes

OLMIS-7165: Added check if user has permission to get stock cards

Revert "Released stockmanagement-ui 2.0.8-RC3"

This reverts commit 956661640bf3b89fc0200be15a8437b3a4aea120.

Released stockmanagement-ui 2.0.8-RC3

Revert "Released stockmanagement-ui 2.0.8-RC2"

This reverts commit 08a99ca1ce39d4fd7bf3ee8650cdf60180d279fb.

Released stockmanagement-ui 2.0.8-RC2

Revert "Released stockmanagement-ui 2.0.8-RC1"

This reverts commit 4bdd6ee339b40fe96ebcee15a6d4ea44e1f70e33.

Released stockmanagement-ui 2.0.8-RC1

OLMIS-6898: Updated Physical Inventory screen to use draft resolved by parent

OLMIS-6899: Fixed issues with adding products on physical inventory screen

OLMIS-6899: Updated submit error message

OLMIS-6898: Removed duplicated requests when entering Physical Inventory draft screen

OLMIS-6899: Updated physical inventory submit to display error message returned from backend

OLMIS-6898: Fixed displaying stock on hand

OLMIS-6898: Updated UI to display locally cached draft

* If user is online and have some local changes - draft from storage will be displayed

* If user is online but doesn't have any local changes (or already saved them on the server) - the request will be send

* If user is offline - draft from storage will be displayed

OLMIS-6898: Added auto-saving draft on Physical Inventory screen

Changed version to 2.0.8-SNAPSHOT

Patch release 2.0.7

Bumped up version to 2.0.7-SNAPSHOT

Released 2.0.6

Revert "Released stockmanagement-ui 2.0.6-RC1"

This reverts commit 5203d7cba9ceaa482ba9025a96a8259159f4d40d.

Released stockmanagement-ui 2.0.6-RC1

OLMIS-6747: Fixed filtering on the Unpack screen

OLMIS-6132: Fixed pagination issue on Stock Card view screen by adding missed paginationId param

OLMIS-6511: Added missed test for stockCardService

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OLMIS-6511: Fixed displaying lot expiration date and stock card occurred date on stockmanagement screens

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