pawel muchowski <> in openlmis-requisition

OLMIS-1242 FEOLMIS-496: Remove unnecessary else statement

OLMIS-1242 FEOLMIS-496: Move packsToShip calculation to OrderableProductDto

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    • +3
OLMIS-1242: Hide Packs To Ship field

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    • +14
OLMIS-1242: Add Packs to Ship calculation

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    • +34
OLMIS-1164: Rename the orders endpoint that exports CSV

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OLMIS-1229: Improve validation and beginning balance update

Move validation of hidden fields to Draft validator

Beginning balance should not be updated if it is hidden

OLMIS-380 FEOLMIS-418: Fix typo in javadoc comment

OLMIS-380: Fix StockAdjustment and RequisitionLineItem dtos

OLMIS-1010: Fix returning duplicates in lists by db

Hibernate returns duplicated elements in the lists

when fetch type is set to eager

OLMIS-227 FEOLMIS-385: Fix convert to order endpoint

Change convert to order endpoint to take list of requisitions

with their supplying facilities as parameter

OLMIS-814 FEOLMIS-383 Improve javadoc and add missing test

OLMIS-988: Fix search requisitions for convert

Fix convert to order endpoint

Convert to Order endpoint should get only ids of requisitions

not entire requisition objects.

OLMIS-814 FEOLMIS-383: Fix wrongly added comments

OLMIS-814: Add calculated fields validation

If Stock On Hand and Total Consumed Quantity are both configured as user inputs,

value of those fields must match the calculated value.

OLMIS-814: Update Total Consumed Quantity validation

When Total Consumed Quantity is calculated only Stock on Hand is required

OLMIS-838: Update Stock on Hand validation

When Stock on Hand is calculated only Total Consumed Quantity is required

OLMIS-868: Add Approved Quantity validation

OLMIS-401: Fixed convert to Order issues

OLMIS-821 Change validation of requested quantity explanation

This field should not be mandatory, but should not be accepted if hidden

OLMIS-821 Update demo-data requisitionTemplate to pass validation

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OLMIS-821: Add requestedQuantityExplanation do demo-data

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    • +22
Update OrderFileTemplate initial data

Update OrderFileTemplate initial data after all properties

of UUID type was renamed

Configure 'Requested Quantity Explanation' attribute

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OLMIS-1010: Remove unnecessary TODO in Order class

OLMIS-1010 Fix endpoint responses for bi-directional relationships

OLMIS-763 Add base url to OrderableProductReferenceDataService

OLMIS-1047: Fix order file template initial data

OLMIS-1047 Refactor configuration of order file template

Configuration of order file template needs to be refactored after

some entities was moved to referencedata

OLMIS-963: Rename *Line classes to *LineItem

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