paweł gesek <> in openlmis-requisition

OLMIS-2834: Removed unused variable

Stock does not read this.

Fix page size param

Additional log line in StockEvenetBuilder

Log for which orderables we do not have a stock card

Fix checkstyle

Add logging about Beginning Balance adjustments

Remove stock on hand setting in builder

Add logging of the payload we send to stock mgmt

Add toString to ValidReasonDto

Add info about the migration in the CHANGELOG

Added vars used for stock reasons

OLMIS-2834: Add tests for physical draft handling in requisition ctrl tests

Remove redundant param

OLMIS-2830: Add performance data section, fix demo data profile name

Enable performance data in requisitions

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OLMIS-2908: Changelog

OLMIS-2908: Add unique partial index for requisitions

* This is a partial index that will enforce the uniqueness

for requisitions that are not emergency requisitions

* The columns used are facility, program and period

* Added ITs that test the constraint and that test that multiple

emergency requisitions are allowed

* Updated tests that created requisitions that violated this index

* Removed some unused code from the test class


OLMIS-2871: Changelog

OLMIS-2871: Remove redundant spaces

OLMIS-2871: Fix param order in tests

OLMIS-2871: Changed param order

OLMIS-2871: Remove dupe import

OLMIS-2871: Rename create entity methods

OLMIS-2871: Made requisition use auth headers * In integration tests * In service to service communication * Added the auth header to the RAML

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Merge pull request #40 from OpenLMIS/cors-support

MW-412: CORS support

Merge pull request #34 from OpenLMIS/initiate-performance

MW-309: Use a map of orderableId to lineItem instead of nested iteration

Merge pull request #35 from OpenLMIS/fix-lazy

MW-309: Fix availableNonFullSupplyProducts not initiating properly

Merge pull request #32 from OpenLMIS/initiate-performance

MW-309: Change collections to use lazy FetchMode

Merge pull request #31 from OpenLMIS/last-requisition-status

Improve checking last requisition status query