paweł albecki <> in openlmis-requisition

OLMIS-4486: add performance data schema for line items to resources

OLMIS-4486: reenable validator and fix line items data

OLMIS-4486: fix tests use 10 elements

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    • +13
OLMIS-4486: fixes for performance test

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    • +17
OLMIS-4487: fix orderable in requisition line item data

Update changelog, stock based requisition is not breaking change

OLMIS-4499: group products by category in printout

OLMIS-4384: refactor approve method parameters

OLMIS-4384: remove confusing method

OLMIS-4384: remove redundant profiler

OLMIS-4384: remove default modifier

OLMIS-4384: rename metods and clean profilers

OLMIS-4384: use valid method for build response

OLMIS-4384: fix duplicated requisitions returned from db

OLMIS-4384: fix read requisitions by id

OLMIS-4384: do not call stock adjustment validator during approval

OLMIS-4384: fetch eager line items and do not build response two times

OLMIS-4384: reduce number of calls for user from n x 3 to 1

OLMIS-4384: refactor approve method

OLMIS-4384: reduce number of calls for supply lines

OLMIS-4384: add profiler for validateAndApprove

OLMIS-4384: reduce number of call for orderables from n to 1

OLMIS-4384: fix profilers

OLMIS-4384: get current user just once

OLMIS-4384: wrap with try-finally

OLMIS-4384: fix error with null authentication

OLMIS-4384: remove redundant code and move tests

OLMIS-4384: submit stock events asynchronously

OLMIS-4384: enable async for status change processor

OLMIS-4384: improve us of generics