paulina buzderewicz <> in openlmis-requisition

Bumped version to 8.3.2-SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-6977: Release 8.3.1

Revert "Released requisition 8.3.1-RC1"

This reverts commit aa4971eddafb1819f53e6742a1c4a74b6a22063c.

Released requisition 8.3.1-RC1

OLMIS-6866: Fixed Beginning balance empty column issue for Stock Based Requisitions

OLMIS-6862: Changed version to 8.3.1-SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-6862: Patch release 8.3.0

Bumped version to 8.2.3-SNAPSHOT

Release 8.2.2

Revert "Released service version 8.2.2-RC1"

This reverts commit 70ccc512f1629a0100c7f46d546d39e8a741bade.

Released service version 8.2.2-RC1

OLMIS-6741 Added changelog

OLMIS-6741 Removed unused imports

OLMIS-6741 Removed searching for processing schedules to verify processing period on Requisition initiate because referencedata service returns periods with proper schedules

Bumped service version to 8.2.2-SNAPSHOT

Release 8.2.1

Revert "Released version 8.2.1-RC2"

This reverts commit ce7b7526628a220ba2f93d66739cfeb83ff0b9e4.

Released version 8.2.1-RC2

OLMIS-6707 Added changelog

OLMIS-6707 Fixed sonar issue

OLMIS-6707 Added emergency check for requisition calculations

OLMIS-6707 removed redundant line

OLMIS-6707 Added emergency check when adding availableProducts identities to fetch FTAPs to improve requisition update performance

Revert "Release version 8.2.1-RC1"

This reverts commit dc1daa248c3d91d5d8538dfa2f35ce7980c0f717.

Release version 8.2.1-RC1

Bumped version to 8.2.1-SNAPSHOT

Relase 8.2.0

Changed requisition service version back to SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-6609 Added missing profiler and updated changelog

OLMIS-6609 Removed redundant calls to database and simplified getting periods