paweł gesek <> in openlmis-requisition-ui

Merge pull request #33 from OpenLMIS/fixbranch

Update yarn, jenkinsfile, npm-shrinkwrap

OLMIS-2801: Changelog

Renamed old methods & vars to not mention Submit right

Submit right does not exist

Fix right check for initiated/rejected requisitions

* CREATE is the correct right name, there is no SUBMIT right

OLMIS-2801: Added rights checks for initiated/rejected

Added these checks for initiated/rejected requisitions - only users

with the create right should be able to edit requisitions in this


Revert "Bumped dev-ui to v5"

This reverts commit e4c00cc9f8df44e6923280bb6ddd6a9fc130cf1e.

Revert "OLMIS-2797: Updated product grid to not validate unless not openlmis-invalid-hidden"

This reverts commit 06926978a91ca41e2b1cf4b73fdd7a77fb52cf02.

OLMIS-2801: Change ng-show to ng-if

OLMIS-2801: Fix check for showing add non-full supply product button

We now check user rights, users that have the authorize right

are able do add a product, user that don't are not. I've also

extended the tests for the add button hide/show.

Merge pull request #9 from OpenLMIS/MW-244-again

MW-244 Add 'REJECTED' requisition status support

And fix the cd command as well

Fix GitHub path in README

OLMIS-2351: Added 'Additional Options' header to template administration

Switch param order

The param order is an issue for some people

OLMIS-2068: Validate the entire line item

We validate the entire line item upon update to the grid.

Thanks to this calculations will also go through validation.

This required calling dependency update (calculations) manually

before validating, because ng-change is called before $watchers.

OLMIS-2006: Improved report JSDocs

* Added @description

* Moved @name below @methodOf/@propertyOf

* Formatted params/returns into columns

* Function -> method

    • -25
    • +26
    • -1
    • +3
    • -14
    • +14
OLMIS-2006: Added report factory spec

    • -0
    • +150
Remove unused var from period.factory.spec

OLMIS-2006: Mock url factory during test

Thanks do this, all requests will go do the $httpBackend, even

when running with a server url param.

    • -4
    • +10
OLMIS-2006: Added a spec for the report service

    • -0
    • +133
OLMIS-2006: Fix JSDoc parents

    • -1
    • +1
OLMIS-2006: Added jsdocs to the report module

    • -0
    • +69
    • -0
    • +37
OLMIS-2018: Fixed test case names

    • -6
    • +6
OLMIS-1769: Fix default report format selection

OLMIS-2018: Display approved quantity & remarks columns for IN_APPROVAL rnr

    • -0
    • +32
OLMIS-1769: Make PDF the default type

Merge pull request #3 from as588/patch-1

Updates for typos and grammar


The one from dev-ui is used by default.

OLMIS-1686: Updated index.html copyright header

OLMIS-1686: Updated copyright in js files and added LICENSE-HEADER

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