paweł gesek <> in openlmis-report-ui

Merge pull request #12 from OpenLMIS/fixbranch

Update yarn, jenkinsfile, npm-shrinkwrap

Merge pull request #6 from OpenLMIS/enum-input-fix

Fix enum inputs not showing up

Switch param order

The param order is an issue for some people

OLMIS-2068: Validate the entire line item

We validate the entire line item upon update to the grid.

Thanks to this calculations will also go through validation.

This required calling dependency update (calculations) manually

before validating, because ng-change is called before $watchers.

OLMIS-2006: Improved report JSDocs

* Added @description

* Moved @name below @methodOf/@propertyOf

* Formatted params/returns into columns

* Function -> method

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    • +26
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    • +3
    • -14
    • +14
OLMIS-2006: Added report factory spec

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    • +150
Remove unused var from period.factory.spec

OLMIS-2006: Mock url factory during test

Thanks do this, all requests will go do the $httpBackend, even

when running with a server url param.

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    • +10
OLMIS-2006: Added a spec for the report service

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    • +133
OLMIS-2006: Fix JSDoc parents

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    • +1
OLMIS-2006: Added jsdocs to the report module

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    • +69
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    • +37
OLMIS-2018: Fixed test case names

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    • +6
OLMIS-1769: Fix default report format selection

OLMIS-2018: Display approved quantity & remarks columns for IN_APPROVAL rnr

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    • +32
OLMIS-1769: Make PDF the default type

Merge pull request #3 from as588/patch-1

Updates for typos and grammar


The one from dev-ui is used by default.

OLMIS-1686: Updated index.html copyright header

OLMIS-1686: Updated copyright in js files and added LICENSE-HEADER

  1. … 300 more files in changeset.
OLMIS-1661: Added gzip compression to nginx

Set level to 5, since it seems the most optimal overall.

Gzipping css, js and html.

OLMIS-1648: Fixed total adjustments recalculations

Used ng-changed to recalculate every time we someone changes a value

in the adjustment list.

OLMIS-880: Offline requisition conflict handling

* Made requisition pass response to failure handlers

* Reload the state of requisition view if the error is 409

Fix spelling errors

OLMIS-933: Fix issues with template dependencies

Ok, so I've done a bit of changing. In short, there were problems with

how we did our validations, hence I removed some and changed others. The

problem was that we used the dependency field in requisition-column

for more things that it should be used for (in v2 some validation are

not generic and only apply to select fields). I am currently using it

to mark fields as dependent in each others calculations. I believe however,

that these definitions should probably be moved to the back end in the end.

These are my changes:

* I changed that a field cannot depend on a different calculated field.

This is required, especially since we use the dependency array to

trigger recalculations on the product grid. The current solution

might seem a bit complex, since it is a recursion, it is however

a solution that should work with anything we come up with regarding the


* I removed the validation that a user input field must be displayed. This

was not the case in v2 except for two fields: stockOnHand and

totalConsumedQuantity. This validation is currently missing.

* I removed the validation that all dependent fields must be visisble

for a field to be visisble. This was only the case requestedQuantity

and requestedQuantityExplanation in v2. This validation is missing.

* I defined the dependencies for totalConsumedQuantity. Up to this point,

since the field had no dependencies, it wouldn't auto refresh in the

product grid at all.Fixed template validation

OLMIS-933: Declared dependencies for total cost

Required to trigger calculations

OLMIS-933: Fixed ngDoc for calculation function

OLMIS-933: Added total cost calculations

OLMIS-1341: Move templates back to olmis-core

Core is available for all other modules, should solve

test issues.

OLMIS-1341: Fixed tokens being appended to templates

I've moved the templates to the openlmis top module, which

made most sense. Thanks to this tests started to fail - I figured

out the issue was with tokens being appended to .html template calls.

This a last ditch effort fix, so it might not be perfect.

If this won't fix the problem, I'm reverting the whole forsaken thing.

Revert "Revert "OLMIS-1341: Pre-cache all HTML templates and partials""

This reverts commit ebf9ef8fb8e2b46d9f25b8a91c0936fa8f1a3761.