paweł gesek <> in openlmis-referencedata

Update Jenkinsfile


Fix cleanup location

Clean up workspace when pipeline ends

Add dataset for demo data adjustment reasons

OLMIS-2901: Ensure lot/trade item loading order for demo data

OLMIS-2901: Add keys to the lots table

Merge pull request #25 from OpenLMIS/MW-129

MW-129: Introduced JaVers to all domain entities

Merge pull request #22 from OpenLMIS/MW-129

MW-129: Introduced JaVers to all domain entities.

OLMIS-2881: Fix acceptance criteria for supervised facility test

OLMIS-2881: Supervised facilities performance test

OLMIS-2871: Changelog

Merge pull request #20 from OpenLMIS/cors-support

MW-412: CORS support

OLMIS-2696: Add IT for total count and search by program

Revert "Revert "Revert "add spring boot health check"""

This reverts commit fe0cfefe896c8d8920140e6801a6cccb0b3c80e9.

Revert "Revert "add spring boot health check""

This reverts commit aa2f0258032e77c3eaa8c37b51dc4bb4aa206f0a.

OLMIS-2696: Fixed total count to count only query results

OLMIS-2696: Added total result count

OLMIS-2292: Switched /users/{id}/programs to use ProgramDto

* Contract doesn't change

* Domain is not serialized to json

* Removed redundant annotations

OLMIS-2292: Fixed typo in doc & removed redundant annotations

Only tests would sent a sent a user object, I changed it to a dto.

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Merge pull request #17 from OpenLMIS/ftap-search

Added FTAP search by facility type and program

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OLMIS-2292: Document user endpoints

* Added missing schemas

* Improved a few descriptions

* In order for tests to pass, I had to populate some of the domain

returned with jackson annotation to not include non null values in order

to avoid RAML violations

* I made the ID not required for the program schema - we can create new

programs without it.

* User email is not required.

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Development version: 6.0.2-SNAPSHOT

Reference Data release 6.0.1

OLMIS-2628: Fix timestamps for PostGIS migrations

This will be the release 6.0.1 of referencedata, which fixes

the migration error from 5.0.0/5.0.1 to to 6.0.0


OLMIS-2338: Fix typo prgoramId -> programId

OLMIS-2338: Review fixes for rightSearch

Small fixes:

* Typo fixes

* Suppresed PMD warning for better readability of queries

* Test name fixes

* Removed redundant tests

* Improved error messages for missing params

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OLMIS-2338: Added endpoint for searching users based on rights

* Added repository methods for direct and fulfillment role searches

* Added a method to user service which validates the params provided

and does the search

* Added an endpoint that allows the search for users with the given right

* Fixed a missing message key for non-warehouse facilities

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OLMIS-2382: Do not allow duplicate FTAP

* Added database constraint for program/orderable/facility type

* Added search by the above properties

* Added validation in the controler that uses the search above

* Added static strings describing fields to LocalizedErrorMessage,

so it is easier to test

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