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OLMIS-4172: error handling for duplicated program orderables

OLMIS-4172: Make program and product unique in ProgramOrderable

I removed some redundant code

Needed to make ProgramOrderables a list because

HashSet silently ignore duplicated programs in

orderable but instead we should throw an error

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OLMIS-3884: fix typos in schamas

OLMIS-3884: fix typos in schamas

OLMIS-4486: remove duplicated program orderables

OLMIS-3884: Expand description of orderable version id

OLMIS-3884: Expand description of version id

OLMIS-3884: Expand description of version id

OLMIS-3884: add versionId to FTAP json schema

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OLMIS-3884: RAML for FTAP versoning design

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OLMIS-3384: add description here to be consistent

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OLMIS-3884: RAML for Orderables versoning design

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OLMIS-4538: fix typo

OLMIS-4538: add tests for search params

OLMIS-4538: fixed search with access token and error messages

OLIS-4384: add test for no search params

OLIS-4384: move null checks to util

OLIS-4384: refactor SupervisoryNodeSearchParams

OLMIS-4384: extract search params and refactor orderable search params

OLMIS-4384: refactor search parameters

OLMIS-4281: update changelog

OLMIS-4281: add performance tests for search orderables, add index

OLMIS-4281: fix searching by program, code and name, REST improvements

From now on, provide request param with empty value

will result in searching for empty in database

OLMIS-4281: merge search orderable endpoints, refactor

refactor code to return 400 on invalid request param names

When invalid request param value is provided, empty list will

be returned

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adjust migration data and tests

OLMIS-4027: fix code smells

OLMIS-4027: add search Lots by multiple trade items

Revert "add memory limit"

This reverts commit 8b341bafc0f6eedbf4f9b167fbb74879a3571b69.

add memory limit

OLMIS-3984: remove redundant ID from supported programs dataset