paulina buzderewicz <> in openlmis-referencedata

Bumped version to 15.2.1-SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-6977: Release 15.2.0

Revert "OLMIS-6964: Released referencedata version 15.2.0-RC2"

This reverts commit 8e6722d15206d8557ec0d22fb418ee61d1da1147.

OLMIS-6964: Released referencedata version 15.2.0-RC2

Revert "Released referencedata version 15.2.0-RC1"

This reverts commit 30b18b8f9d465c005e560b04e2abd16017f760e6.

Released referencedata version 15.2.0-RC1

Bumped version to 15.1.2-SNAPSHOT

Fixed date in changelog

Fixed date in changelog

Release 15.1.1

OLMIS-6776 Added changelog and decreased invalid token retry limit

OLMIS-6776 Added missing tests and increased invalid token retry limit

Changed version back to SNAPSHOT

Released service version 15.1.1-RC1

OLMIS-6790 Added ignoring case when checking if lot exists by lot code

OLMIS-6790 Improved integration test

OLMIS-6790 Fixed method name for sonar issues

OLMIS-6790 Enabled creating lots with lot code that is partly included in any existing lot code

Bumped version to 15.0.1-SNAPSHOT

Release 15.0.0

Revert "Release service 15.0.0-RC1"

This reverts commit b7d85a688793de33c1a65f5eaec35ea81a609b1a.

Release service 15.0.0-RC1

OLMIS-6658 Cleaned some code

    • -3
    • +3
OLMIS-6658 Changed service version to major one in gradle properties

OLMIS-6658 Removed code duplications in orderable and ftap repositories and updated changelog (also changed service version to major one)

OLMIS-6658 Removed joins checking if programOrderable for Ftap's program is active in order to improve performance of FTAP search query

    • -2
    • +12
OLMIS-6650 Fixed typo in performance test

OLMIS-6613 Fixed Bad Request in performance test for searching orderables

    • -25
    • +12
OLMIS-6650 Changed perf test to include existing orderables for retrieval

    • -32
    • +22
OLMIS-6650 Added performance tests for orderables retrieval