paweł albecki <> in openlmis-referencedata-ui

OLMIS-4402: add changelog entry

OLMIS-4402: fix column names

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    • +2
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    • +3
OLMIS-4613: add change log

OLMIS-4613: fix error when SN is without facility

OLMIS-4511: remove redundant stuff

OLMIS-4511: fix code format

OLMIS-4273: return promise with error on create password

OLMIS-4537: fix test description and jsdoc

OLMIS-4537: rename method name and improve test

OLMIS-4537: remove redundant params

OLMIS-4537: add method to check permission with any program/facility

OLMIS-4281: update changelog

OLMIS-4281: adjust search for orderables

OLMIS-3907: lots use trade item id, not full object

OLMIS-3907: add missing parameter

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OLMIS-3907: add field to orderable class

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    • +2
OLMIS-3907: add method to oderable data builder

OLMIS-3907: add extra data to orderable builder

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    • +3
OLMIS-3907: add dependency for module

OLMIS-3663: add messages for rights

OLMIS-3135: fix undefined and proper sort

OLMIS-3135: reverse order

OLMIS-3135: add message for right

OLMIS-3828: fix removing account and key

OLMIS-3382: add checking for permissions with any program

OLMIS-3506: pass user id to delegate

OLMIS-3506: fix decorator loading

Restore "OLMIS-3506: Fix user info does not update on view"

This reverts commit 9c7bbf82c8366a7aa1d2014734e1a526e67661a6.

Revert "OLMIS-3506: Fix user info is doesn not update on view"

This reverts commit 302e12163c0876e1697c585d79ac6a55dc0097af.

OLMIS-3506: Fix user info is doesn not update on view

decorate userFactory with getCurrentUserInfo, and cache this info

instead of caching it while getting user by ID.