mateusz kwiatkowski <> in openlmis-referencedata-ui

OLMIS-6665: fixed editing kit values

OLMIS-6665: added missing changelog entry

OLMIS-6665: fixed editing kit values

OLMIS-6580: fixed malformed table on the Supply Lines screen when Requisition Group is empty

Merge branch 'master' into OLMIS-6580

OLMIS-6580: added missing changelog entry

OLMIS-3641: removed supply line expand feature flag support

OLMIS-3641: fixed problem with sorting supply lines by supplying facility

OLMIS-3641: added usage of new supply line endpoint to admin screen

this can be enabled by turning on supply line expand feature flag

OLMIS-3641: added feature flag resources

OLMIS-5000: fixed filtering on supply line list screen

OLMIS-5000: fixed getting single supply line while entering page

OLMIS-5983: renamed test in supply lines routes file

OLMIS-5000: refactored supply line service to resource

OLMIS-5000: changed supply lines screen to work with refactored endpoints

OLMIS-5983: Fixed problem with empty requisition group in supervisory node

Bumped referencedata-ui version to 5.5.1-SNAPSHOT

Released referencedata-ui version 5.5.0

added tests for requisition group list routes

Revert "Released referencedata-ui version 5.5.0"

This reverts commit be1b77e109677f10daa534b95e4dee2311572f23.

Released referencedata-ui version 5.5.0

OLMIS-5799: added comment on why resolve item was added

OLMIS-5799: added waiting for parent state to processing schedule edit modal

OLMIS-5356: added validation for empty selected product list on select products modal

OLMIS-5356: removed trailing spaces

OLMIS-5356: fixed message in breadcrumbs for supply partners screen

OLMIS-5520: added validation for supply partner association

OLMIS-5586: fixed missing extraData field in orderable data builder

OLMIS-5344: added missing properties in Orderable constructor

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OLMIS-5344: added ftap module