krzysiek pasiek <> in openlmis-referencedata-ui

Bumped version to 5.6.7-SNAPSHOT

Released referencedata-ui version 5.6.6

Released referencedata-ui version 5.6.6-RC2

OLMIS-7417 add

OLMIS-7417 Internal application error when navigating to user's profile

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    • +2
OLMIS-7417 Fix for importing user roles

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Released referencedata-ui version 5.6.6-RC1

OLMIS-7342 Fix navigation bar in break point

OLMIS-7405 Fix buttons location in header

OLMIS-7405 Fiexes for header view on low resolutions

OLMIS-7342 Make navigation bar responsive.

OLMIS-7318 Added the ability show to unnecessary modules on mobile by using showInNavigationInLowResolutions

OLMIS-7321 change height of img to be visable on all resolutions

OLMIS-7321 Improved the home page screen to be responsive.

OLMIS-7321] Improved the home page screen to be responsive.