paweł albecki <> in openlmis-notification

bump to next snapshot version

Revert "Release 3.0.5"

This reverts commit 39e5258b3422ef68474087e5433037faf6ef5ef6.

Release 3.0.5

update changelog for release

move back to snapshot

Release 3.0.5 RC1

Revert "OMIS-3778: udate changelog"

This reverts commit 94a7d1354ecc3805eb6c015b9913af6af3ba7e50.

OMIS-3778: udate changelog

Bump version to 3.0.5-SNAPSHOT

Release Notification service version 3.0.4

sonar issue

upgrade to dev image v3 and sprig-boot 1.4

moving to Gradle v4 from v2.13 also meant that:

- sonarqube plugin had to be updated

- flyway and node plugins could be updated

- the generate migration task was using gradle's "left shift" function

which became deprecated. Using this function doesn't seem necessary

so it was converted into a regular task.

- it does appear that even with the latest flyway gradle plugin, that

it might still use deprecated gradle functions. For now this seems

harmless though a warning will be given, and flyway's plugin should

be updated when a new one is available.

Bump version to work towards v3.0.3

Releasing v3.0.2 of Notification service