paweł gesek <> in openlmis-fulfillment

OLMIS-3453: remove the index from POD line item - > orderlineitemid


OLMIS-2871: Rename create entity methods

OLMIS-2871: Switch fulfillment to use auth headers

* Use them in service to service communication

* Declare the header in the RAML

* Use it in ITs

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Merge pull request #10 from OpenLMIS/cors-support

MW-412: CORS support

OLMIS-2795: Update changelog

OLMIS-2795: Add rejected status to fulfillment

We should consider getting rid of this enum based coupling

between requisitions and fulfillment.

Merge pull request #8 from OpenLMIS/search-performance

Search endpoint performance

Merge pull request #7 from OpenLMIS/check-rights-improve

Improve performance of view right checking for multiple orders

OLMIS-2551: changelog entry

OLMIS-2551: Added an endpoint for batch order creation

It allows creating multiple orders in a single transaction.

It just runs a loop through the payload - should be acceptable

for us.

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Update fulfillment changelog

Go back to 3.0.2-SNAPSHOT

We did not get any features in

OLMIS-1939: Fix typo

OLMIS-1939: Added info about FTP vars

Merge pull request #1 from as588/patch-1

Updates for typos and grammar

OLMIS-1939: Link to common env vars description

OLMIS-1686: Remove ignore for the copyright holder

OLMIS-1686: Added copyright header to java files

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OLMIS-1686: Add checkstyle check for copyright header

Move setting Swagger host to the onComplete callback