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Release 7.0.0 RC2

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Release 7.0.0 RC1

OLMIS-4511: refactor too many parameters

OLMIS-4511: refator code to be more clean

OLMIS-4511: update javadoc

OLMIS-4511: allow searching by service lvl tokens

OLMIS-4511: iprovements in order repository and tests

OLMIS-4511: fix repo and add tests

OLMIS-4511: change how search by permission work

OLMIS-4511: fix broken search returns all orders when no rights

OLMIS-4281: update changelog

OLMIS-4281:adjust search for orderables, refactor communication service

change map to multi value map in RequestParameters, refactor

communication services to use RequestParameters instead of raw Map for query

params. Refactor BaseCommunicationServiceTest to use generics.

Remove redundant, unused code

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OLMIS-1611: fix display message on 400 from another service

OLMIS-1611: add endpoint for search shipments by orderId

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OLMIS-3778: update changelog

OLMIS-3663: add message to bundle

OLMIS-3778: change auth excp to validation excp with better message

OLMIS-3778: fix permission check for service level tokens

OLMIS-3778: fix service checks the rights of a wrong user

OLMIS-3663: adjust integration test

OLMIS-3663: null line item id on POST

OLMIS-3663: test null id whe POST

OLMIS-3663: do not allow update shipment by POST

OLMIS-3663: add proper error handling for constraints

OLMIS-3663: use rule and library for empty check

OLMIS-3663: add validation for misssing shipment line items