paweł gesek <> in openlmis-contract-tests

Fix missing agent directive

How about we just run on the master node?

Clear stock data between runs

Update program to allow stock count date

Add missing right to ref data dump

Add logging for bad response messages in approve

OLMIS-2830: Change demo data loading in requisition to use spring profile

Fix initial data

It was violating the requisition constraint - same period, facility,

program and non-emergency. We only allow one such requisition.

Update nginx to v3

OLMIS-2193: Extended order convertion contract-test (REJECTED status)

The test now rejects the requisition before getting to the

convertion to an order. This tests for an issue we discovered recently.

Copy syslog into the workspace

Log was too big

Add syslog output to build

Update fulfillment to 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT

Update reference data version to 6.0.2-SNAPSHOT

Update openlmis-nginx to the latest version - v2

Update Fulfillment version to 3.0.2-SNAPSHOT

Add logging to requisition retrieval

Remove obsolete STOCK_MANAGEMENT right type

OLMIS-1686: Added copyright to contract-tests

Increase contract test mem limit

Log service output every time

Up the mem limit for cucumber to 768mb

Use 512m as the docker memory limit for services

Go back to 512m for auth

Adjusted memory limits - looking for a Jenkins optimal setting

Increase mem limit for auth

Adjust contract test mem usage:

Limit to 512mb

Limit gradle to 256mb

This finally got the contract test reports to generate

Add debug & stacktrace to gradle

Increase mem to 256mb

Increase the retry limit