paweł albecki <> in openlmis-contract-tests

Set new SNAPSHOT versions of auth, notification, fulfillment

OLMIS-1731: test calculations not be performed for skipped product

OLMIS-1731: add test for skip requisition line item not allowed

OLMIS-1731: update script and add info about use new script to readme

OLMIS-1731: tests for skipping line items

OLMIS-3513: add one more test

OLMIS-3513: improvements in convert to order search test

OLMIS-3513: add tests for requisitionsForConvert endpoint

Fix contract test / update to changes in demo data

OLMIS-3692: Add test for print stock card and summaries

update to latest referencedata snapshot

Update fulfillment, auth and notification versions

OLMIS-2732: rewrite PI contract tests to match backend redesign

update stock service version

update fulfillment service version

update cce service version

fix s-m tests

OLMIS-2694: add stockmanagement to requisition contract tests

OLMIS-2833: fix contract tests

OLMIS-2833: fix lexing error

OLMIS-2833: add stock count date for update requisition prior to submit

update requisition snapshot version

OLMIS-2711: changed event to not PI type by set reason: credit

change forced to adjust stock on hand that is returned

OLMIS-2711: fix test for find one

OLMIS-2711 adjust quantities so they could pass validation

Use next snapshot version of Fulfillment

Use next snapshot version of Auth and Notification

Since auth and notification components have been released,

contract tests should use next snapshot versions.

OLMIS-2533: fix update requisition

requisition service no longer returns all line items (even null)

so contract tests need to adjust

OLMIS-2491: remove Conf Settings from demo-data

Use next snapshot version of fulfillment

Since fulfillment component has been released, contract tests should

use next snapshot version.