paweł gesek <> in openlmis-cce

OLMIS-2915: Fix CCE schema issues

* Renamed tables to plural form

* Added foreign key from inventory to catalog items

* Added unique constraint to inventory that composes the catalog item

and equipment tracking id.

Remove extra spaces

OLMIS-2871: Switch CCE to use auth headers

* Updated RAML

* Updated ref data calls

* Updated ITs

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Merge pull request #2 from OpenLMIS/cors-support

MW-412: CORS support

OLMIS-1939: Mention how to set require ssl to false


OLMIS-1939: Added Transifex vars

OLMIS-1939: Added database variables

OLMIS-1939: Mentioned that SSL is not required by default

OLMIS-1939: Fixed typos in README

OLMIS-1939: Emphasize var names

OLMIS-1939: Added an environment variable section

OLMIS-1686: Made the look better

Add "for example" to license header exampel text

OLMIS-1686: Information about adding the LICENSE-HEADER

OLMIS-1686: Added license header to java files

OLMIS-1686: Add checkstyle check for copyright header

Added more info about the override file

Linked to the Docker site explaining the way docker-compose.override.yml is used

README: Mentioned required Docker Compose version

Ran into - since compose syntax 2 is used, Compose 1.6 is required.