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OLMIS-3119: changelog

OLMIS-3119: Add IT for token duration

OLMIS-3119: Fixed ignored token duration

The reason for this was a mess with the bean ordering.

AuthorizationServerConfiguration implements an interface,

that has been called before the bean was fully initialised

by Spring.

The fix includes:

* Turning AuthorizationServerConfiguration into a regular bean,

not a Spring @Configuration

* Moving the authorizatio endpoint object - out if it, it being

autowired into this bean meant that configurations would run too

fast. It was moved into it's own component that just sets its

page for approval.

Also done:

* Cleaning up a duplicate annotation from Application

* Set authorization manager on token services for clarity

Remove the 'q'

Fix wrong logging param notation

Log the number of seconds we are using for token validity

OLMIS-2871: Changelog

OLMIS-2871: Made auth use auth headers

* Calls to ref data use an auth header

* Added the header to RAML

* Added a missing test for RequestHelper

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Merge pull request #1 from as588/patch-1

Updates for typos and grammar

OLMIS-1939: Mention that tokens expire after inactivity

OLMIS-1939: Added .env var section

OLMIS-1686: Remove ignore for the copyright holder

OLMIS-1686: Added copyright license header to java files

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  1. … 29 more files in changeset.
OLMIS-1686: Add checkstyle check for copyright license

Move setting Swagger host to the onComplete callback

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OLMIS-976: Make processResources finalized by ramlToSwagger

Per the review comments, I'm making the processResources task

tied to the ramlToSwagger task, not the jar task.

OLMIS-976: Swagger spec file is no longer generated under /src

* the jar gradle task now depends on the ramlToSwagger task - this is

necessary since we want the generated file to be part of the jar

* removed the generated dir and its traces

* removed redundant entries from .gitignore

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Added a command for building demo-data using compose

Merge branch 'master' of

Don't log sql output

Removed custom import order checkstyle rule

README: Mentioned required Docker Compose version

Ran into - since compose syntax 2 is used, Compose 1.6 is required.