paweł albecki <> in openlmis-auth-ui

OLMIS-3506: create auth service decorator

OLMIS-2596: check for null message

OLMIS-2596: improvements in acces-token interceptor tests

OLMIS-2596: show backend error in alert when user unauthorized

OLMIS-2445: change Sign in to Sign In

OLMIS-2445: update changelog

OLMIS-2445: make button and title capitalization title cased

OLMIS-1853: migrate to openlmis/dev-ui v3-SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-2218: fix validations for stock on hand and total consumed quantity after submit/authorize

OLMIS-2222: Requisition screen: when offline, I don't have a print requisition button

OLMIS-2203: fix unselect Adjusted consumption doesn't display error in UI

OLMIS-2103: add jsdoc

OLMIS-2103: fix select menu with facilities was cleared after state change in Manage POD view

OLMIS-2103: show loading modal when facilities are loaded

OLMIS-2103: clean-up in ProofOfDeliveryManageControllerTest

OLMIS-2103: performance fixes in ProofOfDeliveryManageController

OLMIS-2184: fix the list of Requesting Facility in Manage POD view is filled when My facility is selected

OLMIS-2181: update javadoc

change flags order in quick start

OLMIS-2181: check permission for delete a Requisition

When in the INITIATED state, check for both REQUISITION_INITIATE & REQUISITION_DELETE rights. When in the SUBMITTED state, check for both REQUISITION_AUTHORIZE & REQUISITION_DELETE rights.

OLMIS-1773: Orderable: rename packSize and name for GS1

These renames are: => Orderable.fullProductName

Orderable.packSize => Orderable.netContent

OLMIS-2036: check for program before call search

OLMIS-2036: remove redundant code

OLMIS-2036: update jsdoc

OLMIS-2036: UI Pagination to Manage POD screen

* cleaneup in controller and tests