mateusz kwiatkowski <> in openlmis-auth-ui

OLMIS-6591: added missing changelog

fixed ":" in changelog entries

OLMIS-6591: added word break to login modal

Released auth-ui version 6.1.3

OLMIS-5387: added trim for getting current branch in Jenkinsfile

OLMIS-5387: disabled slack notifications for dev branches

OLMIS-4738: added missing # before build number

OLMIS-4738: added jenkinsfile

OLMIS-4549: Removed appearing error modal after clicking Cancel button on Forgot Password modal

OLMIS-4469: added checking if login/logout request is always sent

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    • +5
OLMIS-3883: added tests for refreshing states after relogin

OLMIS-3883: fixed tests for navigation state service

OLMIS-3883: added changelog

OLMIS-3883: fixed lack of navigation bar update after relogin

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    • +1
OLMIS-3468: Login Service login method promise resolves to object with user name and user id

    • -7
    • +13
OLMIS-3828: added API Keys module

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    • +95
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    • +139
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    • +31
OLMIS-3195: added sonar script

OLMIS-3612: updated dev-ui version to SNAPSHOT

Revert "OLMIS-3506: create auth service decorator"

This reverts commit 8abbe51b06552da220c72e515b8c5a7b462d749d.

OLMIS-3140: fixed closing laoding modal

OLMIS-3140: added loading icon to forgot password modal

updated ui-components version

OLMIS-2867: added changelog

OLMIS-2867: added error message for offline login error

    • -2
    • +8
OLMIS-2548: stylistic changes

OLMIS-2548: Fixed lack of loading modal after re-authenticating.

OLMIS-2548: removed closing loading modal before showing login modal

OLMIS-2240: fixed tests for navigation service

OLMIS-2204: default state priority set to 10

OLMIS-2204: added default 0 state priority

added check for undefined dialog in login modal intercptor