klaudia pałkowska <> in openlmis-auth-ui

Revert "Released auth-ui service 6.2.2-RC1"

This reverts commit b93e10c43c0dad4710eabf201f547ac3cc33dc4f.

Released auth-ui service 6.2.2-RC1

Bumped auth-ui service version to 6.2.2-SNAPSHOT

Released auth-ui service 6.2.1

Revert "Released auth-ui service 6.2.1-RC1"

This reverts commit aa7ba4e443b954087cd63ae325bafcbab704e76c.

Released auth-ui service 6.2.1-RC1

Fixed typo

Bumped version to 6.1.4-SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-4928: Removed docker pull latest

OLMIS-4928: Made keeping build secure

OLMIS-5002: Removed duplications

OLMIS-5002: Added email notifications after failures

OLMIS-5064: Fixed endless loading modal when 401 HTTP error is thrown

OLMIS-4805: Updated Jenkinsfile and to enable branch analysis

OLMIS-4801: Updated Jenkinsfile to set keepLog flag as true when releasing

Updated auth-ui version

OLMIS-4469: Fixed lack of error modal after trying to login

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    • +1
OLMIS-3141: Fixed redirecting to login page after the password reset message

Revert "OLMIS-1986: Fixed JSDocs"

This reverts commit 97bb2bbe0b12f931f09b7c2f55dd8a1cc29ebe8c.

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OLMIS-1986: Fixed JSDocs

in openlmis-currency, openlmis-date, openlmis-forgot-password, openlmis-form, openlmis-header, openlmis-home, openlmis-i18n, openlmis-local-storage, openlmis-locale, openlmis-login, openlmis-modal

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OLMIS-1986: Fixed JSDocs

in admin-template, admin-template-list, fulfillment, openlmis-404, openlmis-500, openlmis-admin, openlmis-analytics, openlmis-auth, openlmis-config

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OLMIS-1976 FEOLMIS-1259: Updated transform to return content, not whole response

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OLMIS-1976 FEOLMIS-1259: Reverted removing transform for orders search endpoint

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OLMIS-1976: Fixed manage POD screen

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OLMIS-1603 FEOLMIS-1171: Changed 'will' to 'should' in login service test

OLMIS-1887: Updated user input columns to show blank input instead of 0 if value is null

Also if requested quantity is 0, explanation is not required

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    • +9
OLMIS-1603: Fixed login service to follow our coding convention

OLMIS-1793: Updated product grid to order products by product's display order

OLMIS-1603: Updated tests for login service

OLMIS-1754: Added validation for total stock out days

Total stock out days cannot exceed number of days in period