paweł gesek <> in dev-ui

OLMIS-2583: Made grunt watch trigger specific tasks

* javascript tasks for js files

* css tasks for css files

* message and js tasks for message files

* html and js tasks for html fiels

OLMIS-1686: Made copyright check work by default

* If no LICENSE-HEADER in the repo, the one from node_modules/dev-ui

is used.

* --ignore-copyright can be used to skip the check.

OLMIS-1686: Added copyright headers to files in dev-ui

  1. … 6 more files in changeset.
OLMIS-1686: Added copyright check for js files

OLMIS-1661: Fixed import of regualar css files

Regular css files need to be embedded not imported. Lib sass will

do this if there is no file extension in the path of the import

statement. Otherwise it creates an url import for browsers.

We are now stripping css files of their extension.

OLMIS-1661: Minify CSS from Sass

* Generates a source map if no production flag

* Uses node sass to generate a source map and minify

In order for sass to generate minified css, we no longer

concat it into one file, but create a file that imports

all the other files.

In progress ,have to clean this up