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Fixed failing unit tests

Changed version to 9.0.1-SNAPSHOT

9.0.0 release

Bumped version to 9.0.0-SNAPSHOT

9.0.0-RC1 release

OLMIS-5837: Replaced PhantomJS launcher with headless Chrome

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Bumped version to 8.1.0-SNAPSHOT

8.1.0-RC1 release

Revert "Updated .eslintrc file"

This reverts commit 30c14082709e993dbc5404031777f35b9c971c25.

Updated .eslintrc file

OLMIS-3969: Updated

Updated version to 8.1.0-SNAPSHOT

8.0.1 release

8.0.1 release

OLMIS-3696: Removed postinstall from the package.json

OLMIS-3696: Removed --no-optional flag from the sonar script

OLMIS-3696: Remove --no-optional from the build script

OLMIS-3696: Added dependency locking for npm and yarn

OLMIS-3696: Added dependency locking

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OLMIS-5389: Set up custom jasmine rules for ESLint

OLMIS-4388: Enabled ESLint for specs

OLMIS-4833: Restored old order of build tasks

OLMIS-4388: Enabled ESLint

OLMIS-4833: Set up custom ESlint rule set to match our SonarQube configuration

OLMIS-5235: Updated order for loading pouchdb.js and pouchdb.find.js files

Changed version to 8.0.1-SNAPSHOT

8.0.0 release

Changed version to 8.0.0-SNAPSHOT

8.0.0-RC2 release

Extended eslint task with the ability to override .eslintrc file