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Release 5.6.5

Revert "Released referencedata-ui version 5.6.5-RC3"

This reverts commit a48f932df71a380a479931ceb9741972ee07b1d1.

Released referencedata-ui version 5.6.5-RC3

Revert "Released referencedata-ui version 5.6.5-RC2"

This reverts commit 41a7b936dffcc0f406a6d3dd5dd9e453b1d19b02.

Released referencedata-ui version 5.6.5-RC2

Revert "Released referencedata-ui 5.6.5-RC1"

This reverts commit d1626527d2420189df739d95afdb84dc52b75632.

Released referencedata-ui 5.6.5-RC1

OLMIS-7222: Fix URL in synchronization errors header

OLMIS-7207: Added the count of sync event errors in a header in online mode

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OLMIS-7220: Added missing CHANGELOG

OLMIS-7220: Fixed too long method and added missing offline message

OLMIS-7220: Updated cachedAllMinimal to get facilities from PouchDb when offline

OLMIS-7217: Removed permissions from local storage only if savedUsedId is defined

OLMIS-7198: Added missing changelog

OLMIS-7198: Added redirect to page with pending offline events table after click on the link in the offline header

OLMIS-7197: Added missing changelog

OLMIS-7197: Corrected pendingOfflineEventsService

OLMIS-7197: Added pending offline indicator in header

OLMIS-7204: Added the error message when no facilities are available in offline mode

OLMIS-7187: Added caching Lots, Orderables and Orderable Fulfills on login

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OLMIS-7182: Added reject when lots was not found in local database offline

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Added a possibility to get lots from local storage in offline mode

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OLMIS-6983: Sonar analysis and build reference ui runs only for snapshots

Bumped version to 5.6.5-SNAPSHOT

Release 5.6.4

Revert "Released referencedata-ui 5.6.4-RC2"

This reverts commit 0531d5480f53d428b1df0fb4c8192374f5875151.

Released referencedata-ui 5.6.4-RC2

OLMIS-6970: Update changelog

OLMIS-6970: Fix selecting products in the kit unpack list modal

Revert "Released referencedata-ui 5.6.4-RC1"

This reverts commit 4d7df3f70413be7ed752c703b8dfa1c2ee218675.