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OLMIS-6685 Update superset package name

OLMIS-6685 Avoid having two different versions of Superset installed

Changed referencedata service version to 15.0.0-SNAPSHOT

Added link to 3.7 release notes.

Completed the 3.7 release notes.

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updated stock management service version to 5.0.2-SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-6589: Superset frontend compilation & standalone flag & changing locales API

OLMIS-6651: Hide Username within Nifi

Prepared ref-distro for the next release

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Updated documentation for v3.7.0

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OLMIS-6631 Added script to install correct version of pandas

Fix superset issues (#91)

* #90 Fix superset starting issues

Fixed: the following issues

- superset got error: " import superset Error: cannot import name '_maybe_box_datetimelike'"

- ref:; "Can't determine which FROM clause to join from, there are multiple FROMS which can join to this entity"

* Fix psycopg2 issue, use binary version 2.8.3

OLMIS-6514 Update OpenLMIS Debezium Connect docker image version

To go to latest available for new features (like better delete support).

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OLMIS-6571: Fixed a typo in a command

OLMIS-6571: Updated README file with step-by-step how to log methods in services and access logs

OLMIS-6558 Update services version

OLMIS-6558 Add new env variable PUBLIC_URL to settings_sample.env

OLMIS-6537 Add detailed reporting instructions

These instructions cover:

* How to start the reporting stack

* What resources the reporting stack needs

* How to point the reporting stack at a running OpenLMIS instance

* When the reporting stack starts, what webapps should be running, and


* How to log in to superset (both directly from the OpenLMIS iframe)

OLMIS-6537 Reorder reporting README sections

changed notification service version to 4.1.2-SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-6504: Switched to the latest version of superset-patchup

OLMIS-6478: Added SUPERSET_URL to sample settings

OLMIS-6478: Add waiting for db on superset init

OLMIS-6478: Increased wait time

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OLMIS-6478: Waiting for consul to be available

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Revert "OLMIS-6478: Disable restarting flows step"

This reverts commit e1bcb832cbc6dd217a8db4fbc88bdb4738ae5240.

OLMIS-6478: Disable restarting flows step

OLMIS-6478: cURL will display request body

OLMIS-6478: Removed debug flag

OLMIS-6478: Move debug flag to container definition