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Update Ref Distro to next SNAPSHOT versions

Update documentation to v3.4 versions

To 3.4 versions of documentation, and 3.4 versions of build artifacts.

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minor correction to ref dist version

Change components to release versions

For 3.4.0 release.

minor changes

stock management version 3.1.0

OLMIS-5104 - Minor changes

updated some sentences.

Added test case execution link

Updating test coverage section

Added details of manual testing for 3.4 release

3.4 Release test case executions

export of all test cases executed in the 3.4 release

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    /docs/source/releases/3.4 Release test case executions.csv
OLMIS-5104 Updated date and sections

Updated new features, further resources

OLMIS-5255 Adding the port number

Updated API Changes, Perf, and Component Changes Sections for 3.4 release notes.

OLMIS-5255 Updating with the official Nifi-Registry URL

Harden The NiFi Toolkit Download Process (#31)

NiFi Toolkit might fail to fully download especially when the internet

connection is intermittent. Add functionaility for retrying the download

process if this happens.

Signed-off-by: Jason Rogena <>

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Merge pull request #30 from OpenLMIS/datasource-tweaks

Edit database tables

Edit database tables

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OLMIS-5247: Add Rsyslog Container to Reporting (#29)

In an effort to avoid tightly coupling the Scalyr container with other

containers in the reporting stack, forward logs from containers in the

reporting stack to an Rsyslog container. Fetch the forwarded logs in the

Scalyr container from a shared volume with the Rsyslog container.

Signed-off-by: Jason Rogena <>

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Initializing NiFi (#26)

* OLMIS-5095: Download NiFi Toolkit into Container

Add a script to the NiFi container for downloading the NiFi toolkit

binary, if it doesn't already exist. The NiFi Toolkit contains the NiFi

CLI tool.

Signed-off-by: Jason Rogena <>

* OLMIS-4626: Add Script For Initializing NiFi

NiFi needs to be initialized after the NiFi service fully starts.

Initialization will involve:

- Creating connections to NiFi Registries

- Importing Flows from those Registries

The nifi/scripts/ script has been added to do that.

Signed-off-by: Jason Rogena <>

* Harden Logic For Extracting NiFi Names

The logic in for extracting the names of NiFi Registry

clients and their IDs would likely break if a registry client name was

not one word. This commit fixes that.

Co-authored-by: Morris Mukiri <>

Co-authored-by: Jason Rogena <>

Signed-off-by: Jason Rogena <>

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Removed old content from 3.4 release notes and added 3.4 perf graph.

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Draft initial 3.4.0 release notes.

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Fix rst underlines in release notes for 3.3.1

Update link to test plan

Update link to bug OLMIS-4728

Rename openlmis-ref-distro-v3.3.1.rst

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    /docs/source/releases/3.3.1 Patch Release Notes
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added 3.3.1

Updated version numbers

Merge pull request #28 from OpenLMIS/superset-datasource

Add a database to superset on initialization

Add a database to superset on initialization

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Merge pull request #27 from OpenLMIS/reporting-db-tweaks

Tweak sql statement file path

Tweak sql statement file path